Refund Policy


Return/Refund Policy

IDZNE Technologies is fully committed to your satisfaction with our services. We have a fair policy of refunds to ensure that customers do not have any grievances.

Our policy is to keep customers informed of the project methods and plans before we implement them. If customers are not satisfied with this they can ask for rework or modifications. If, at this stage, a customer does not wish to proceed, we refund the amount paid so far in full without demur.

We adhere to timelines in service execution. If, on this ground, a customer has any grievance, we explain reasons for delay. If a customer does not wish to accept explanations and asks for a refund, we refund monies paid up to that stage in full. However, this does not imply any liability on our part for completion of the project or for any other costs or losses or damages incurred by the customer for their pulling out and seeking services elsewhere. Once project has been started and we are implementing it then any money paid upfront is non-refundable. Customers can ask for rework or modifications that we will carry out as many times as may be necessary in order to deliver solutions that are up to customer expectations. Once project is completed and delivered no claims for refunds or cancellations or claims of damages or losses of any kind whatsoever will be entertained.


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