Company Profile

IDZNE Technologies is a multi-dimensional service organization engaged in assisting businesses leap

ahead of the competition through:

  • Website development and design
  • SEO, SME and internet marketing
  • Graphics and multimedia services
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • CMS Website designs
  • Mobile applications

Set up and operated by specialists in IT and business with years of industry experience IDZNE Technologies has a well established infrastructure, manpower and communication facilities to serve clients located in any part of the world. We have hand-picked teams of professionals for each service, working collaboratively as well as independently. IDZNE Technologies is located in NOIDA, one of the prime IT destinations in India. From here we reach out to global clientele.
We offer customized solutions aligned with a client’s business objective and provide additional inputs through our experience that bring value addition to our well strategized campaigns.
Mission: Our mission is plain and simple: partner customers in their quest for growth and high performance in a highly competitive business environment. Vision: We see ourselves as a leading IT solutions provider in the future, serving global customers and architecting their success with our core services.

Our skills

Mobile Applications

Core Values

  • Cutting edge technologies:
    Our business is founded on technology and our teams are qualified, experienced and professional. We keep ourselves abreast with latest developments and deliver future-proof solutions.
  • Excellence:
    Excellence is the road down which we travel in our quest for perfection because only the best is good enough.
  • Honesty:
    We are upfront in our dealings with clients and vendors because, as they say, honesty is the best policy for long term sustained relationships.
  • Transparency:
    There is nothing hidden. Our efforts are collaborative and transparent and this is how we achieve synergies to power growth.
  • Ethics:
    Ethics are foundational to our operations and define who we are and what we are, a reason why we have lasting relationships.
  • Supportive:
    Our business requires us to be supportive at all times and we believe that support empowers both us and our customers in finding higher levels of success.

Our Services

Web Design and Development

Web design goes hand in hand with web development, the former providing the visual and operational interface while the latter provides cutting edge technologies that turn a site into a powerful business tool. We have specialists in graphics design working collaboratively with highly skilled programmers to architect websites that are aesthetic, functional, easy to use and prime movers of your business. With an eye on traffic and conversions we incorporate SEO into all aspects of web development and web design to make them optimized from the ground up. Modular and scalable, websites we develop are easy to modify or upgrade as your business evolves.

Portal Design

Multi-functional, sophisticated and with a sophisticated intuitive layout, our portals become your gateway to powering up global business. We can design and develop portals for wide-ranging industry segments, for B2B/B2C, for NGOs and for government institutions and for educational institutions. Inbuilt security, ease of use and ease of interactivity characterize our portals that can also be tuned to become revenue generating tools. However complex a requirement, we can break it down into modular components and harmonize elements to architect portals loaded with rich apps and functional interactive features. Fully tested, portals we design are free of bugs and help in customer engagement to drive business to higher levels.

SEO Solutions

Web design and development is further enhanced by our suite of SEO solutions, designed in affordable, modular packages with short/long term implementations to suit budgets and needs. Our experts optimize websites and implement offsite SEO solutions that create backlinks and result in organic growth of targeted traffic you can convert with ease. Fully aligned with search engines’ current algorithms our strategic and tactical SEO implementations help your website rise head and shoulders above the others and give you a competitive, cutting edge globally. We leave no avenue unexplored and put in customized efforts to assure highest visibility.

Ecommerce Solutions

In the crowded online retail space you can stand out with our ecommerce solutions. We leverage the power of open source technologies to deliver end-to-end ecommerce solutions. On the one hand you can manage your ecommerce website and keep it updated with fresh products and on the other hand you have a site that engages visitors with its functionality and ease of use, converting them into paying customers. Fast and secure, loaded with features in the front end and at the back end, our ecommerce sites power your business right to the top.

CMS Design

We specialize in content management systems (CMS) with the focus on an easy to use, intuitive control panel with rich features right at the click of a mouse. You can keep your website fresh and updated each day, every day, using CMS designs that leverage the power of open source technologies like WordPress, customized to suit your business. Rich set of features include format management, web publishing history, permissions, group mnagement, multiple language support, indexing, search, archive and retrieval among others. It is so easy to use that anyone with minimum knowledge of computers can operate the console. CMS is indispensable, we help you keep your websites fresh.

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications are the best way to reach out to a global audience and engage with them. Our teams of mobile applications development specialists can come up with novel, innovative and sophisticated yet simple to use apps for any mobile operating system. With expertise in various mobile technologies we create apps for android, iOS, windows and we can also create platform agnostic device independent apps that perform seamlessly and help enhance brand identity as well as deliver functionalities you will not find in desktop apps. The mobile revolution is on: let us help you get on the bandwagon.


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